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Sweetlips Leederville


Ph: 9242 5745
125 Oxford St,
Leederville WA 6007
Sweetlips Fremantle


Ph: 9430 6902
Unit 8/47 Mews Rd,
Fremantle WA 6160


Ph: 9341 4001
115A Brighton Rd,
Scarborough WA 6019

WA Seafood Industry Award 2013 Take Away Fish & Chips

WA Seafood Industry Award 2015 Take Away Fish & Chips

National Seafood Industry Award 2013-14

Australian Small Business Award 2014

Why Choose Sweetlips?

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At Sweetlips, we process all our fish ourselves. We skin, trim and completely de-bone our Fresh Fish Fillets so there’s nothing to spoil your enjoyment – or we’ll refund your money.


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We source all our fresh fish from the ocean, not the freezer, so everything you see in our display cabinet is exactly what we say it is. We know, because we prepared it.


We know your time is valuable – so our shops and restaurants are open from 10am until late, 7 days a week. Phone ahead, and your local Sweetlips will have your order waiting for you; the numbers are on the front of the Take Away menu.


At Sweetlips you can order from our extensive take away menu or, alternatively, you can have a seat in one of our restaurants and let us serve you. Our restaurants are open until late, 7 days a week and are also BYO. So bring a bottle of your favourite drink to have with your fresh fish and chips.


We love giving people options as much as we love freshly cooked Fish & Chips. Choose from our wide variety of Fresh Fish Fillets and we’ll cook them just the way you like it: – including four grill styles, 2 batter styles or Panko crumbed.

If you can look beyond our legendary Fish & Chips, our menu also includes crunchy battered squid rings, mouth-watering prawns, delicious seafood burgers, crispy salads and more. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried our famous Fried Feta Cheese.


Food Menu

Free Range Chicken Burger 12.95

Crumbed thigh fillet, salad & aioli in a toasted bun

Grilled Beef Burger 12.95

Beef burger, salad, aioli & relish in a toasted bun

Grilled Prawn Burger 12.95

Battered or grilled tiger prawns, lettuce & aioli in a toasted bun

Sweetlips Burger 10.95

Battered fish fillet, lettuce & tartare sauce in a toasted bun

Sweetlips Grilled Fish Burger 12.95

Grilled fish, salad & tartare sauce in a toasted bun

Fish and squid (Hake – imported) 12.90
Kids Serve (Hake – imported) 7.00

Real fish bites

Large (Hake – imported) 14.90
Regular (Hake – imported) 9.90
Battered Fetta 5.90

Battered fetta per serve

Bread & Butter 1.50

Fresh white bread, perfect with a bucket of prawns

Chicken Nuggets 5.90

6 chicken nuggets & sauce

Chicko Roll 3.50
Chips 3.50

Minimum chips on their own

Chips on the Side 2.00

Recommended chip per adult with fish

Corn Jack 3.20
Dim Sim 2.40
Grilled Chorizo 5.90

Grilled chorizo served with fresh lemon

Pickled Onions 2.50

3 pickled onions

Pineapple Fritter 2.20
Potato Fritter 3.90

Per serve

Spring Rolls 4.90

3 spring rolls & dipping sauce

Battered New Zealand Mussels 4.70

6 battered New Zealand mussels

Battered Scallops 9.90

7 battered scallops with roe off

Crab Stick 2.40
Natural Oysters 2.20

Natural oysters served with fresh lemon

Panko Crumbed Scallops 10.90

7 panko crumbed scallops with roe off

Grilled Fish & Salad 19.90

Your choice of Blue Spot Emperor, Gummy Shark, Spanish Mackerel or Atlantic Salmon with salad. Add $2 for chips

Mixed Grill 19.90

4 prawns, 4 grilled scallops, serve of grilled squid & chorizo

Mixed Grill with Natural Oysters 23.50

4 prawns, 4 grilled scallops, serve of grilled squid & chorizoas with 2 natural oysters. Add $2 for chips

Family Feast 59.90

Family serve of fish & chips, battered squid rings, mouth watering fried fetta cheese, 6 battered tiger prawns & 2 dipping sauces

Pack for Two 39.90

Fish & chips, serve of light and tasty squid, 4 tiger prawns mouth watering fried fetta cheese & dipping sauce

Seafood Basket 18.90

Traditional battered fish & chips with 2 squid rings, 2 tiger prawns & 2 sea scallops

Seafood Basket Upgrade 8.00

2 tiger prawns, 2 sea scallops, 2 squid rings

Battered Prawns 9.90

7 battered prawns

Grilled Prawns 10.90

7 prawns, plain or spiced

Panko Crumbed Prawns 10.90

7 panko crumbed prawns

Atlantic Salmon (Tasmanian) 16.90
Bluespot Emperor (WA waters) 14.90
Cone Bay Barramundi (near Derby WA) 16.50
Pink or Goldband Snapper (WA waters) 18.90
Shark (Gummy, SA) 13.90
Spanish Mackerel (WA waters) 10.90
Whiting (Shark Bay WA) 18.50
See our fresh salads in store
Aioli Garlic Mayo 2.30
Sweet Chilli Aioli 2.30
Tartare Whole Egg Mayonaise 2.30
Tomato Sauce 2.00
Wasabi Mayo 2.30
Battered Squid Rings 10.90

Snack size $6.50

Crispy Squid Tentacles 11.90

Snack size $7.50

Dusted Flower Cut Squid 12.50

Snack size $6.90

Grilled Baby Squid 12.50

Your choice of plain, cajun or lemon pepper. Snack size $8.50

Grilled Baby Squid & Chorizo 14.50

Snack size $9.50

Light and Tasty Squid 11.90

Snack size $7.50

Salt & Pepper Squid Rings 11.90

Snack size $7.50